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As above so as (not) below

by Lan Apona

“As above so below”

I will start this message with a bit of a disclaimer, because I am going to disagree with the statement. And yet, it is still true when it comes to a particular context.
Chances are, you have probably heard of a place called Heaven and you know about a strife that started there. Some of the turmoil the earth is still experiencing today is an echo of the conflict that started there and then. I have been advised to disengage from digging in too deep because the general plan is for me to stay away from it.

Some say that light can’t exist without darkness, and this is partially true. This duality is one of the foundations of the lower dimensions (commonly labeled as 3D and 4D). When you go above, you get the understanding that all is love, and even acts of cruelty are still a manifestation of love as a mode of exploration and gathering experience. This is one of the most fundamental points that Maryann’s book makes, and for a long time I struggled to accept that. If all is good, then what is the point of being benevolent? If this is true, then why Asket does always bid peaceful tomorrows and not painful ones?

Part of the answer comes from one of Asket’s messages, which introduces the principle of understanding but not condoning. And Maryann seals it in her last book in which she says that it is understandable for humans to explore Source by connection to it, while it would be more natural for another race to do just the opposite.

The whole idea of the experiment of differentiating between light and darkness in the lower realms was thought to be a good idea and its most prominent manifestation in this universe was the conflict between the ancient Lyran humans and the ones that we refer to as the Marauders. As it went on, humans learned about darkness while the Marauders were exposed to more love than they were prepared to handle. But the whole thing was so awful that you can bet that a certain blonde Pleiadian lady sent her pleas to a higher place for the experiment to be stopped because it had grown out of all proportions.

So, dear ones, you can both understand how things work and be wonderful benevolent humans as the ones that you are. Many blessings.

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