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by Veronica

A Message from the League of Light

“Through the eyes of Nine we were made with perfection. We were created from a state of being so pure and flawless, that there are no words to describe it. In the beginning, authoritative energetic vibrations of light created beautiful souls distinct in their own way. Each and every vibration resonated harmoniously with the other, creating balance. This impartiality gave you a deep, unconditional understanding of the vibration that’s Love.

For the evolution of your souls, others were added to your voyage. These souls brought about demonstrations on Love, hate, compassion, happiness, harmony, discord, imbalance, stability, and so on. You were positioned to feel these emotions not only for your own evolvement, but for you to guide those who have lost recollection and purpose. Much like the physical body, each soul stands individual to their purpose and function.

We are Individuals! The time has come when it is imperative to let go. Let go of any attachments that do not serve your soul. You must not be afraid of trading in your reality for your Individual Divine Role. Consider all that you have learned from your earthly mistakes. You are now ready for the next steps. Are you willing to leave it all behind at a moments notice? One MUST understand the difference between Oneness and Individuality, and the profoundness of each.

Oneness connects everything and everyone. It is the state of simply being. It acts without doing and has the utmost power of generating something from absolutely nothing. You were made as one through the breath of the Most high. Oneness is the state of connection to Nine and all that derives from there.

Individuality rejoices in the freedom of all that derives from God. It is the collective understanding of one’s soul purpose and connection to Source. Your light groups, or families, have been an integral part in assisting you throughout this time. However, the time draws near when Individuality must be understood and trusted.

The time is fast approaching and we are here to guide and ease your fears. There is a large wave of change that will further position your relationship to Earth. Your ascended vibrations will no longer resonate with the ones of your planet, and because of this, you will be called One by One. We honor you for the hard work you have put into your own lives and those of others. Because of this, we have been able to communicate more closely with you. We ask that you do not stop trying to realize the Individual Divine Nature of who you really are. Everything that you must know will be revealed to you at the appropriate time. We leave you now with Great Love and Respect.”


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