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Of Angels and Demons

by Lan Apona

Greetings, dear ones. Today I am going to tell you a short story. It is my own way of getting to understand Maryann’s message titled “Speak with Love, Demons are Listening”.

The angel fought with the fury of Heaven, her wings beating violently the toxic air. The theater of war brought her to the ruins of the forsaken citadel. Suddenly, she realized her mistake. Isolated from her fellows, she was now alone. Her twin swords flashed a reflection of corrupted moonlight, searching for a demon to bite. Evil eyes beheld in her what they were made of. Fear.

“Do not harm her,” the voice of the Dark One echoed among the pillars. The shadows moved to the sides to make way for their master. There were no questions asked. Nobody dared but He was quick to explain. “Never bite somebody with so much light in them. It will spread inside you like poison and disintegrate your insides.”

He looked at the angel and with a single gesture invited her to the hall nearby where they could speak. “Ladies first,” he insisted. As they moved, she could barely hear His murmur. “Those fools will believe everything that I say.”

She tried not to tremble as she returned her swords to the sheathes and walked forward. When the Dark One closed the door behind her, she was quick to ask.

“What is the meaning of all of this?” Wrath replaces Fear.

“Teach us. How do you manage to fight like one with burning zeal and readiness to do whatever it takes to prevail? I must know,” he seethed.

“That is easy. We connect to the power and glory of God. He created us. We serve and manifest his will and benevolence,” the angel recited.

It dawned on Him. “You believe he is God. That is great. We should have thought about it earlier. Instead we have a bunch of cowardly rogues who betray each other as if it is any fun.” He looked her in the eye. As He worded His request, He knew there was some kind of recognition taking place inside her. “Stay with us. Teach them of the Light that you carry with you.”
Her wings sagged as she contemplated. “What if I decide not to?”

He shrugged. “Then I will have to ask you to leave, and I can’t guarantee that you will survive the next battle with our forces. I want you to stay safe in that madness going on around us.”

“I still don’t understand. You are a demon.”

He sighed. “We both come from a place where the terms Light and Darkness make no sense. You express your Love and purity by aligning with the Light. I feel I could bring more Love to Darkness. We are made of the same. I just want all this strife to end, and with it the circle of perpetual suffering.”

The story ends with a cliffhanger because in different timelines the angel lady made different decisions. My next article will be about lines and time. Until then, I bid you peace and joy.

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