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Of Angels and Pleiadians

by Lan Apona

Angels and Pleiadians

The Angelic and Pleiadian human races are two of the most popular among the spiritual communities, so one might wonder about their similarities and differences. It was recently announced that the League of Light is working closely with angelic and elemental allies who see a common purpose in assisting this realm in the time of transformation.

If you are interested in getting to know more about the Pleiadians, you may come across a documented section in which a very loved lady associated with the Seven Sisters reacts quite abruptly when she is called an angel. She may or may not have reasons for that but there is the background of our people showing up in many places throughout the history of this world. Those who could see us would come up with ideas about what we are, so we would be referred to as spirits, jinn, gods… or angels. This is the way the human mind works, striving to find an explanation in the event of facing the unknown.

Sacrifice and Healing

When it comes to understanding of service, there is a bit of a difference in the foundation of beliefs. Angels would be more willing to sacrifice themselves and so they did when the seals on earth were put. They decided to remain within the earth matrix so that they can help the planetary humanity here. They in turn are having their liberation as the seals are starting to expire and are falling to pieces.

The Pleiadians, on the other hand, would hesitate more before committing an act of sacrifice, and it stems from the long history of us being warriors set to protect humanity from merciless marauders. There is what you would call an opportunity cost in each sacrifice as a living warrior is always more useful than a dead one.

And, it is true that there have been many starseeds who have also been integrated into the system of earth injustice, but often times it was also done with the thought of following their own path of healing, expansion of understanding and reclamation. We are benevolent and oriented towards service to others but we combine that with lessons that we want to have.

Unity and Help

As the matrix is falling apart, there have been many angels who wanted to help us in the tasks we have decided to do as a duty to this place. On our turn, some of our brethren have stated their desires to follow the angelic agenda. There is a great degree of oneness between the two groups and the recent turn of events strengthened it even further.


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