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Pleiadians call to “Be Still”

Note from Maryann: The League of Light whispered some information to Veronica, for her to share. I trust her discernment and see/feel this message is in alignment with those others that you have seen on Nine’s Path.

A message from our Pleiadian family, through meditative state:

“Through many lifetimes we have existed and have seen the many changes in your world. Changes that have been for good, but through time have been forgotten. What once was a solid teaching, is now just a part of your history.


Your world has solidified these negative changes and adapted them as TRUTH. Who says they are speaking TRUTH? Whom are these idols you have put your trust in? There is no material gain that will allow accomplishments of any kind. LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE!!! We continue to reach out to many, and many have awakened. Nevertheless, your world has been covered with an immense influence and unharmonious energy.


Many of you have grown tired and weak. You do not have the drive or desire to search any longer. Many have simply given up and think this is a much more constructive way of living. Well, we have NOT given up on you!


Although your light may sometimes dim, it is still there within you. Do not continue to confuse your minds, but rather keep it still. Stillness will bring reminder. Stillness will bring clarity. Do not repel these random thoughts that come your way, for we are simply trying to help you remember.


Listen to your breath. Listen to the natural vibrations carried throughout the breeze. Listen to the beating of your heart. LOVE, LOVE, and more LOVE! Be still, listen, and remember! Remember who you are. You are an immense part of the whole; the ONE. You are Seekers, or searchers of the Truth. Do not give up! Your previous paradigms are not working, and you must change the way you are living and treating Mother Earth, in order to survive.

LOVE, LOVE, and more LOVE!

We are here to help you transition into a new awareness. We must all join once again in tantric union. We are happy to see that a large part is already grounded in 5D conciousness and are trying very hard to keep that vibration steady.

As your Pleiadian family, along with the help of many others in our galactic family, we will ensure our assistance in the evolution of your planet and a new way of conscious thought. Continue to be still, continue to listen, and remember. You are so loved! Fill your hearts with love and compassion for every being. Know that we are always with you, assisting you energetically. Be still and listen, we will be sending news when the time is near. More changes are coming that will awaken even the most dormant of sleepers. Listen for our guidance and those of our galactic family. The pure essence of Nine will be imminent for all to feel! Stay connected, stay still, and listen! We are always with you! With Love and Light we leave you!


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