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The Portal

by Lan Apona

She stood before me, the stars in her eyes dancing with mine, silently delivering a message that I understood but didn’t want to accept.

“You are not telling me you want to incarnate on Earth again, are you?” I asked.

She was wearing a black skintight costume like the ones we used when we were training for battle. I wondered if that was part of the message too.

The lady turned her back on me to look at the image of the planet on the big screen. Her words were a ripple of a spring, a reminder of a love that started in ancient times. “You know the reason very well, dear one. We have been doing this for such a long time and now there are so many who claim that the stars are set for the big breakthrough. Wouldn’t it be a pity to miss it?”

I stumble to find the right words, my mind suddenly plagued by memories I desperately wanted to forget. “But I don’t want you to. Things got so terribly wrong the last time around. I… can not bear to watch it again. Neither can I turn my head around.”
She faced me again with a smile that was her trademark, which seemed to somehow be able to hold all the beauty of the Seven Sisters on her pretty face. “It doesn’t need to be like that this time. It won’t be. Measures have been taken and agreements have been made. Besides, I know you well. You are going to be there too.”

I sighed. She was smart. And she could read me like an open book.

My soulmate made a step towards the portal.

“Wait… there is something I need to do before you go.”

I hugged her and it felt so good as her arms crossed behind my neck. I felt the warmth and heartbeat of her ethereal heart and in this stolen moment nothing else mattered. I didn’t want to let her go but I knew I had to.

Before she reached the portal, she gave me one of her smiles that could melt a rock over her shoulder. “I will see you there.”
Then she disappeared. Tears blurred my vision.

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