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The Unknown Visitors

by Veronica

On a new path to somewhere unknown, lies a nerve-racking, yet intriguing feeling. It is that same feeling that will either keep you from achieving your soul mission, or have you go beyond your wildest comprehensions. On July 29, 2018, I had an extremely vivid dream in which I felt, was a warning sign.


It was night time. I found myself at a carnival that was taking place at an open arena somewhere. There were many people there from all over, including my family. As I was standing there, observing my surroundings, I am greeted by a woman. She said, “Hey, you’re up next on the ice-skating tournament.” I chuckled for a moment and said, “Oh, I’m sorry. There must be some mistake. I don’t skate!” She gave me a dismissive smile and a, “come along”, kinda wave. When we arrived at the rink, I begin to feel less scared to skate and more confident in doing so. I put on my skates and took the first step onto the rink. I suddenly realized that I am a child again! My skates began to glide on the ice and I could feel the cold breeze on my face. I remember thinking, “Wow, I really do know how to skate.” I was overjoyed and filled with sovereignty. While skating, I detailed every persons face in the audience and their reactions. Did they like me? Are they cheering? Soon thereafter, I  was overcome with feelings of concern. Everyone in the audience began to leave the rink.

Dream Visitors

There was one lady I overheard saying, ” They said that they came to check if anyone had drugs on them.” Immediately, I transformed to my adult self again. As I made my way outside the rink, I began to notice these men dressed all in black (almost like FBI agents). These men began questioning everyone that was in their path. Trying to avoid every one of them, I began searching for my family on the other side of the arena. I now find myself in an area where there is a bathroom and ATM machine. People are starting to run and the turmoil is beginning to pick up. To the right of where I was standing, was a small tree, about 8 feet tall. Gathered under that same tree were a group of, what looked like, Pleiadian beings. Excited, yet somewhat on the fence, I began to approach them. The one that spoke to me was a woman about 5’7. She had blonde, long hair (parted in the middle), her eyes were a sky blue, and she had impeccable skin. I began to tell her how beautiful she was and how I was so stunned by her perfection. Again, as stunned as I was, there was something inside of me that didn’t allow me to get excited. She told me that she needed to speak with me, but that she couldn’t speak out loud at that precise moment. So, she placed both of her hands on each side of my face and began communicating telepathically. She said, “I want you to come with us so I can show you where we live. It is an island called “H__bb___,” (I don’t remember the name, only these specific letters). I began to feel almost hypnotized and falling quickly into a deep meditative state. I didn’t trust the feeling and pulled her hands softly off of my face. Trying to find a way out I asked, “Would it be okay if my whole family came too?” She did not like that at all. I noticed she rolled her eyes to one of the others in her group and said, “This is never going to work if these people are awake!” Immediately I knew that these were not the real Pleiadians at all. They left my side quickly and began to look for others to “lure” in. Starring in contemplation, my mother comes up behind me and says, “Be careful, they are not who they say they are. Be very cautious!” Soon after, my dream was finished.

True Connections

It seems to me that the closer we begin to move towards Source, the more difficult they will make it. The Pleiadian people will always come in love and light. They are never dismissive or condescending. The understanding that I have is that we must all “Open our eyes and our minds“. Learn to trust your inner self in deciphering bad from good. These are trying times ahead and we must learn to master our connection to Source (God, OM). We will encounter fake conditions, in order to confuse our minds. Like the child I became while skating, we must all become. Connecting to our inner child will awaken the memory of what once was and the freedom that we all deserve to feel. The path to 9 is not a simple one. We are creatures of habit and have been conditioned to believe in the “life” that we are currently living. Not only must we learn to think “outside the box”, but we must learn to think way beyond it.

Thoughts anyone?


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    Very interesting experience. So strange…that these kinds of gorgeous visitors appear with all kinds of offerings and suspicious attitudes. I had heard of similar experiences, but not all are aware of the true intentions. I encountered a lady that seemed to have chosen at soul level a very similar role. She had to offer all kinds of illusions to many people and she did succeed in several realms/incarnations. She recently came to me, asking me to simply understand her role and why at some point I did succumb to an offering. There is still much to uncover there but the basic message was that she and others could only cause harm as long as our values and self love were not strong enough to overcome the tests and they could not be free of such roles.

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    Absolutely! I think that since we are still somewhat uncertain as to what the intentions are, one must rely on the xonnection they feel, or lack thereof. That’s why it is so important when they stress that we need to fortify ourselves and our spirituality. To be able to discern True Light.
    Thank you!


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