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New Contributions

Recently, the League of Light tapped me on the shoulder to let me know that the time had come to expand the mission. Nine’s Path was ready for an infusion: guest writers and contributors.

 Extending the Mission

The League of Light simply said, “Now is the time to gather those who will carry on your tradition.” Everything fell into place neatly, including a list of those who were to be invited, first, to write and post articles. You can find those initial posts and short introductions to each of the three contributors here, (Articles > Guest Writers). My own posts will still appear on the “Mastering the Illusion” Blog (and, of course, you can access all of the original blogs and messages through the Opalescent Nine section of Nine’s Path).

First Posts

The first two posts have already appeared, in quick succession: “Angels and Pleiadians” by Lan Apona and “Life through Multidimensional Transitions” by Veronica Gonzalez.

The Angelic and Pleiadian human races are two of the most popular among the spiritual communities, so one might wonder about their similarities and differences. It was recently announced that the League of Light is working closely with angelic and elemental allies who see a common purpose in assisting this realm in the time of transformation.

“Angels and Pleiadians” by Lan Apona

From the start, the journey may seem complex. We must rely on ourselves for the Divine truth of where we’re from and where we are going. I present to you an insight into the understanding of connecting and reaching the powerful State of Nine.

“Life through Multidimensional Transitions” by Veronica Gonzalez

Visit the Guest Writers page to learn more about these insightful writers. I’m so pleased to welcome them on board, and am looking forward to seeing what exactly the League of Light has planned for this new development, and those yet to come!

Be sure to leave a welcoming comment on their articles, and visit their websites to see what worlds they’re busy creating.

Looking Forward

Some readers who have been following Nine’s path for a while, in the years before it took its current shape, may remember Karla Segura. Her remarkable healing path has given her powerful insights, which will be shared soon in a series of installments called “The Keys of the God-Self”. You’ll want to stay tuned for those articles, beginning in the next week.

Recently, the League of Light let me know the time had come to expand the mission: guest writers and contributors. Click To Tweet

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The painting above is an original work by Veronica Gonzalez.

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