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Mastering the Illusion

A personal blog detailing the process of transformation both inner and global, with insights into my own journey, through the lens of Nine.

Guest Writers

Contributed posts by guest writers invited by the League of Light to extend and enrich their mission at this time of transformation.




Karla Damarelya Segura is an artist, healer and researcher in the area of natural resource management. Through a combination of disciplines she finds the inspiration to write about some of our ancient and modern individual and collective dilemmas, problems and lessons.

Lan Apona


Lan has an ancient warrior soul that eventually decided to serve the sword no more, dedicating eons to studies in the Earth school of hard knocks. Often times, he can be found helping people discover more about themselves and who they are beyond the thin veil of oblivion.



My name is Veronica and I’m a wife and mother of two. Through Dream State, I have found and hold as Truth, that all questions will be answered as we shed a different part of our “old self”, and begin to remember again.

If you’d like to write for Nine’s Path, please drop me a line via the contact form.

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