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8/ Be Back Soon

Pushed beyond the edge of familiarity, the Lyran refugees contemplating their next move gathered to discuss their options. One among them, Ro Bian, offered to make the journey to the first planet with a covert transport vessel. From it, he could draft surveillance notes and begin empathic connection to the planetary sphere. Given the urgency of the situation growing in the bionomic systems of the ships, he wanted to start the excursion immediately. His bravery, it was said by those present, would be remembered. For his part, the need was there to be met, and none better equipped than he to do it. As the digital readout on the ship’s trajectory indicated optimal orbital distance from one of the worlds, he made his departure with good faith and blessing.

Those who watched the tiny dot of his vessel grow ever smaller in the ship’s screen murmured among themselves what they held in their hearts regarding his mission. Would they be welcome to settle, if there were living beings to give quarter? Would hostility greet Ro Bian’s linkup to the core of the planetary mind? Never before had they held so many questions in so intense an environment as was seen that day within the safe shell of the ship. One undercurrent was felt among all the modulations, however, that of the missive “Be back soon.” Unspoken, it echoed in their eyes.

Taking such a risk seemed in line with the needs of the refugees. Prayers as one gave Ro Bian self-awareness in communion with his Lyran kin. Lest the knowing of that be lost on any, he sent a short communiqué before he entered the planet’s cover of clouds. “Be back soon,” he whispered into the telemetry. Enveloped thus, he carried love into the dome of a new world. The response received by all assured them that the truth of their knowing transcended the limits of home and the distance of dimensions. Thus anchored, hearts joined with individual melodies circling the fundamental tone in which faith took the vibrational form of “Be back soon,” they waited. The transformation from Lyran into what they were to become was underway.

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Pushed beyond the edge of familiarity, the Lyran refugees contemplating their next move gathered to discuss their options. #pleiadian #ninespath Click To Tweet

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