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7/ From Sun to Stars

Judging from the probabilities encountered by the Lyran refugees upon their escape into what they hoped would be untraceable space, to arrive with a sizeable contingent within reach of hospitable worlds could be considered unlikely at best. Humans have changed little in one regard over the countless millennia of their presence; they know that making new friends can lead to new experiences, including transformation, or survival. Taking risks can lead to bold new beginnings, as easily as it can lead to obliteration. Seeing little else to choose from, they decided to take a risk and make friends with the people they encountered as they ended their escape and began their entry.

The ships of Lyra had sustained their travels well in light of the conditions under which they had been used. They would need repair and their crew would need rest. One day, they would travel again, but for the time being, the most pressing need was to find home wherever they could. Having redefined themselves as refugees, they needed refuge. Would they find it? Not knowing the outcome of venturing toward new destinations posed many questions. Foremost among them were logistical questions linked to their survival. However, the greater question remained in the background of their conversations: Who would they become?

Redefinition stood face-to-face with trust in knowing who they were. They had always known themselves as human. Now they were Lyran. Who would they become? What traits did their survival require them to maintain so that they could still regard themselves as human? In the light of a new sun, could they stay within the boundaries of the shadow they knew, or would they come to know themselves differently? Only time would tell, and the time to know was at hand.

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