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3/ Beginning a New Home World

Far away from native skies, humans set foot on land unlike any other their feet had trodden before. The vault of stars above their heads told a new tale, one that they would in time weave into a new story of their past. From those stars, they would begin to discern their future, one vastly different from the one they had known from complacent dreams of continuity and predictable cycles of nature.

Had they missed some clue in the prophecies of their ancestors? Had a slight detail been overlooked in their understanding of the ancient stories handed from generation to generation on their home world of Lyran starlight? Now, as they gathered from their craft upon the solid ground of a new reality, the Lyran refugees recognized in each other the shard of memory of home, and a thread of what was left of the fabric of their civilization. From each other, the collective memory would emerge which would carry them forward into an unknown aspect of who they knew themselves to be. From them would arise a new definition — an expanded concept — of what it is to be human.

This world, one among many, eventually became home to the human travelers who found refuge there. Other bands of Lyrans found a foothold on other worlds, and networks of communication kept them in semblance of solidarity. In the early days of diaspora, shared history and cultural expressions were understood as vital, if their journey from devastation was to mean anything. While armies still hunted the vast distances between their point of origin and their eventual dispersal among the stars of this galactic arm, communication became directed at preservation and evolution of ancient humanity’s core civilizational elements.

As you read these words, know that you are an inheritor of their success. Guard it well and understand it in its pure essence.

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