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Introducing the Idea

You play a woman’s role as a human. Maryann was born human. When she was 37, she left, and you entered, as was arranged. You were fully Pleiadian as initially as you entered, but vestiges of cellular memory had to be cleared. You worked diligently. Only a tiny energy remains.

So, who am I really, as a Pleiadian?

Loving one, you are Joegil. You are a Pleiadian officer of Love. Nature laps at your feet.

Now, know we are from your long after years from ici. Before you popped into earth-plane existence, you knew us. We are your good friends and family. Name of Joegil is of your existence on planet Temmer of star Siagicle, also known as Pleiades.

from July, 2006

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted with link to original article.

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