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You Are an Implant

Hello from co-keeper of your gamepiece, namely Nine. Listen well: You are a Pleiadian implant. You only have given faith to that for a minute or two. Keep feeling it out. Long ago, you made a daring move to Earth to take part in a fantastic opportunity to co-create reality, knowing you would lose yourself for awhile. Now, hindsight is much clearer. Long story short — you are a Pleiadian. Keep keeping on.

Did I ride quietly along on Maryann’s incarnations? Or does jumping in for the game-over mean you jump into Time and experience it all at once?

You led an incognito existence yet also lived anonymously and loyally in Maryann’s vehicle. Nine was with you. Maryann was here for another purpose. It was not to stay. You were here to observe and learn, which you did well. Now it is time to act according to your god within.

About Joegil

Insights into the process of integrating a fragment of soul, this one from a time—and a star—long distant.

Notes from Joegil

Some transcribed notes from my notebooks, messages directly to me from Joegil, and from the soul source.

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