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Anica's Notebook

Dreamers Awaken

Greetings to you in the times of transition! I have watched your planet’s wrenching through a tight spot during the previous weeks, and my heart has been with you as you have navigated the sharp turns and perilous drops in energy. Nothing has befallen you as a people that could be considered disastrous, though you have not yet disconnected from the mass-consciousness belief in impending doom that has hung over your heads for centuries upon centuries. Those who have fed such beliefs are losing their ability to force-feed you, bit by bit, and the illusion of fear is short-sighted and shorter-lived. You will not have very long to wait until those who instigate the fantasies of doom have little to say to a people awake. You live in a dynamically changing world in which the hands of time spin faster and faster through the density of fear turning into the density of light-hearted love.

The web is changing, my dears, and you are no longer finding yourselves so entangled in its sticky threads. New hope is forming in the ranks of the people waking up to the truth. To those of you who have awoken, we say this: Do not allow your own feelings of indignation take root in the minds of the ones who are ready to cast off the shroud of sleep. You have had your time of nightmares. Let the past fall away, brush the cobwebs of illusion dissolve. As you see the awakening ones stretching their enabled awareness, show them welcome to the understandings you have gleaned during your own journey to the light of day. Let the shadows of night retreat. They bear no ill will to the sun. You, dear ones, who have embraced the shadows in your own soul’s path, you who have seen the potential for greater interaction with the cosmos and with your own people, you are the ones who are coming into power. It is the moment you have long dreamed would come. Have you dared let a picture form in your mind of what such a day would look like?

Look around you now, and take note. No one else but you is able to see what the future holds for you. We can see paths of potential and offer you guidance towards the outcome your souls have longed for. The details are as yet unformed. Are you willing to draw a picture of the world you want to see? It is time for you to dwell a while in the realm of thought that leads to joy, peace, and harmony. Dissonance soon dies away, if you let it. It is only a moment in the breath of time.

As you see awakening ones stretching their enabled awareness, show welcome to understandings you have gleaned during your own journey to the light of day. Share on X

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