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Anica's Notebook

Have You Had a Nice Time with Your Thoughts Lately?

Hardly a day goes by that you aren’t bombarded with information that is pulling your thoughts from one side of an issue to another, it appears. You have, on the one hand, people who want to take care of you by promoting a system of checks and balances, and yet, on the other hand, you see that the system they promote is broken in many very disturbing ways. Is this making you realize that your world is in need of some kind of change that comes from within, as much as from the outside? We can help in some ways, and we are, but you are the ones responsible for making the world into your own paradise, so to that end we offer some more insights into what’s been going on from our perspective, in the spirit of disclosure.

It has always been the way of the world that those in power are connected with some form of corruption, at least in the recent history of your civilization. Although some have tried to rise above the swill of internecine wars and governmental entropy, it has not been the general rule but the exception, and exceptional people tend to become silenced. Now, however, you find that the seats of power are getting a little hot, tempers are flaring unchecked by the modesty of decorum, and everywhere people are engaging in heated exchanges without much thought about the ramifications of their intent. What is going on, people of Earth? You seem to be unraveling. Do not concern yourself with the loose threads as they are stretched to the breaking point, dear ones, as you watch the spectacle. It is simply that the fabric of reality is in the web of a new matrix. It cannot hold together in the form it had until now. You are witnessing the reweaving of what is, and your thoughts will determine the pattern of what is to be. Have you been having a good time with your thoughts? Or have they been having a good time with you? This is the fundamental question of my note to you today, as you have ample opportunity to explore the weaver’s loom in the days to come. Yes, dear ones, it is finally time to take a look at your warped reality and realign the underlying weave to the reality you are coming into accord about. Peace is possible, if you look at things from the right perspective.

You can see the effect of your thoughts in your own realities, can you not? There is much to be said for having a bit of peace of mind, yet do you really have the time to achieve such a thing? Usually, we see that you are having a lot of thoughts about what’s going wrong, who said what, what words mean, whether someone or other is being truthful, and so on. These kinds of thoughts are typically not much fun to have in your mind, but that is not my point. My point is that if you can do what feels like the right thing to do, you will feel better about what you’re thinking, and the reality you experience will be that much more enjoyable. How do you separate your thoughts from the seeming insanity you witness on the screen and in the paper? How do you distance your thoughts from the reactionary nonsense you witness in your day-to-day lives? You know the way, although some of you don’t yet believe me that it is this simple. You gain the space around your mind that allows joy to seep in and surround your experience by breathing. Your breath will accomplish what needs to be done before you venture out into the world of lies and discernment, truth and possibility. Your breath will set you free from the bondage of a world in its death throes, and settle you in the reality that you have been anticipating for so long.

How do you distance your thoughts from the reactionary nonsense you witness day to day? You know, though some of you don’t yet believe it's this simple. Click To Tweet

I don’t like to put words into the mouths of those who speak for me that are not already in their hearts. So the words I give to my representative are already known by her as what she has seen with her own eyes, and which I have opened her eyes to see. So now I do for you. You have been asking for your representatives on Earth to be open with you about the truth regarding our existence. We are not able to put words in their mouths for you, but we have been watching for signals from the entirety of your people to be able to speak plainly about the truth, and that has been the collective cry for disclosure. You might wait forever, you think, before the truth is told. We will tell you some of the truth now and let the rest become apparent to you as it unfolds. Know this: The truth is far, far bigger than you might at this moment be able to comprehend. The dramas you have known of are but passing bits of intrigue and are by no means the whole of the story, not even the core of the bigger story. If this doesn’t tell you that the truth is being guarded, nothing will. It is only a matter of time before the whole truth is known, but at the very least we can move forward in understanding now.

In the halls of power are secrets stored. In the halls of knowledge are there things unknown to many, revealed only to a few. You have the insight to know this is true. However, we do not pretend that your secret-keepers will leave this world without revealing something of a useful nature. In fact, they have been wanting to share their secrets for a long time, needing only the signal that the time is come for revelation. Here is the piece of the puzzle you don’t have yet, so put it to good use as you ponder the implications of open interstellar contact, won’t you? The time has come for the dominoes to start falling. You have been pushing against them for a long time. Here is a secret. Push together. Don’t worry about who’s next to you or who’s across from you in the debate about the truth. It doesn’t matter, because no one has the full truth anyway, not yet. Yet you judge one truth to be more true than another, when all you have are pieces. Put aside your differences of opinion, and your need to be right, and your longing to be heard. None of those things will move the first domino an inch, much less topple the new world order that you so fear. First topple your fear, get out of your own way, and then see what happens. When all the walls have finally fallen, you will not see any differences, so you might as well get a head start and put them aside now. It will be much easier to accomplish something worth your effort that way. From where we see your world, you seem to feel that there is only one way to push. If you let each choose his or her own way, you will find that there are, actually, many ways to get the result you want. So push with your shoulders, with your legs, with your hands, your head, your heart, it doesn’t really matter, does it? Brush away the debris of faulty thinking and outmoded beliefs — and trust us when we say you all have something to gain in losing what you hold — and get ready for the first big crash. Trust each other, and remember we love you all.

Once you align your thoughts to the same chord, your harmonic will accomplish the task your muscle alone cannot. You are so close, dear ones. Have a good time with your thoughts, for there is much joy in forgiveness and the realization of unity. We pray for peace on your world. Think about that, and heave ho!

Re the cry for disclosure, know this: The truth is far, far bigger than you might at this moment be able to comprehend. #ninespath Click To Tweet

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