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Anica's Notebook

How Much Will It Take?

When we last spoke, the world you live in was imperfect in many respects. Now, in the time of imminent catastrophe and corporate misbehavior, it probably seems much more imperfect. One thing is for certain, and that is that none of the worst-case scenarios you have feared will come to pass. The planet will not die. Many people die every day on your world, but the human race, despite the toxic soup you are swimming in, still lives. The future is full of light, if you know how to look for it. Before long, you will know that the tides have shifted and the light, in the form of a greater consciousness among all people, will be in full evidence. Before long, you will know. For now, my dear ones I can only ask you to be conscious of a greater light of awareness in your own lives. What you do within yourselves has everything to do with what becomes on a planetary level.

Putting the present ecological situation in perspective puts the inner workings of your collective shadow front and center in your collective awareness. Let’s take a closer look at that and find a parallel between the two. Please understand that in the history of your planet, there have been other situations from which there has seemed to be no apparent practical escape. This sort of thing has happened before in different guises, and the results have varied according to the strategies applied for coping with them. While most of the practical outcomes have been, for the most part, disappointing, as you look back in time, the human race has survived.

What you do within yourselves has everything to do with what becomes on a planetary level. #anicasnotebook #ninespath Click To Tweet

This time, you have a world at the brink of a massive awakening to full consciousness—using that part of your DNA which for eons has lain dormant. What you do will be powerful and transformational. There is no need to get upset or drawn into the drama, to worry about justice coming to those who have maintained impotent silence while the oil churns. Put drama out of the picture and turn your attention and energies instead on what will really make things change: your heart. The greatest power in the world is in the human heart. Use it to change what you see before you into what you envision within. Each individual heart carries great potential to manifest reality. Every person on the planet owns that power. None can deny it but many attempt to usurp it. When you allow fear and hatred to influence the direction of your heart’s desire, you abdicate your power and sabotage the fullness of expression of which the human race is promised by its collective soul. When you seize your fear by its roots and tear it out, when you look past personal bitterness to see the divine nature struggling to express itself from within the shattered mind bent by greed, bloodlust, and the constraints of bondage to illusion—then, my dear ones, you fulfill part of the urge humanity feels at this time to be free to become new beings living in a reality in harmony with the underlying perfection of nature, which is love.

Can you summon the courage, finally, to say 'Enough is enough' and step back from the drama of fear into the reality of inner knowing? Click To Tweet

Are you willing, you who are reading these words, to come to peace with your brokenness and give yourself the gift of healing? Are you ready to integrate the shattered pieces of your experience on this world and accept a hug of gratitude from the wounded child within? Can you summon the courage, finally, to say “Enough is enough” and step back from the drama of fear into the reality of inner knowing that assures your mind that life will live, love will be, that peace will settle where chaos has churned up the dark depths of the human soul? If you can, dear one, you will know what true power feels like. I encourage you to take the first step towards that world before your heart succumbs to the dead weight of fear so many of you have taken on. Look with care, for it takes on many guises. You will know it when you feel the weight of the world upon you. That is a moment at which your heart beckons you home.

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    You are such a skillful writer but I do notice that the thread is starting to lose its impact as the predictions you make are not closing in but remain open. If I only I had your talent in putting my thoughts down I would have made your story believable.

    I love the concept and the style but I would have expanded much more to intrigue the reader. The whole story is far to abstract and too closely linked to religion to make it believable.

    Wish you would post more regularly

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      Greetings, Michael, thank you for the kind words.

      I wasn’t aware that I was making predictions, other than to raise some awareness that the time has come to look more closely into the mirror of the heart and prepare for what cannot be predicted with any kind of certitude. Contact, for instance, is being made all over the planet, but not in the way it has been seeded into mass consciousness by Hollywood. If you can open awareness, interdimensional contact will reveal itself in subtle, yet powerfully transformative ways to each individual and hence to the world. Of course, I remain open. The future is an open book, is it not? It is not up to me or anyone to say thus and so is going to happen, and unless it is given to me I won’t make “predictions”. This is not a thread of prophecy but of divinity revealing itself to human awareness. And it is not a “story”.

      I am not trying to intrigue the readers of mass-market paperbacks sold in airports. Those who are called to understand will find truth in these words. For others, they may remain a fiction. In any case, I don’t ask anyone for their belief, and if anything the intent of this and the related threads is to dismantle belief structures. I don’t want you to believe. I only want those who find their way here to reflect and find something worth thinking about.

      I am going to post more regularly, and haven’t only because my partner recently died after an intense illness and I am suddenly a single mother. That leaves little time for writing, during the transformation the loss left in its wake.

      I appreciate your comments and invite you to read the other blogs linked to this one. They should give you a broader picture of the scope of my work and perhaps a spark of deeper understanding to temper your critique.

      Wishing you peace,

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    Good to see light words after the gap.

    Although regards the British Petroleum, (Nights of Malta) oil leak, its merely another 11th September 2001 event engineered from conception, itself yet another government (secret banksters government) Military (Nights of Malta Vatican) operation to create distraction and this along with the so-called war on terror (itself another CIA/NSA enterprise) in order to introduce a global financial slave system cetralising power into few hands. THIS IS THE REAL DANGER FACING HUMANITY.

    “Are you ready to integrate the shattered pieces of your experience on this world and accept a hug of gratitude from the wounded child within?”

    layered writing, you say!

    Why does the child gotta hug the adult? Please don’t tell me the entire Paladian system is upside-down, inside-out and backwards too. (only on the dance floor please!)

    I wish I possessd the skill/knowledge to activate my DNA so I had superpower, or you could give the people with open hearts a little Paladian techno. Teleportation, Weapons to trancend the guns of the Group Family Cabal mudering the rest of humanity. I’m not asking for you to invade like the West into Iraq/Afganistan. Does the Galactic Federation say its OK for other ET’s to brainwash our children, but you can’t help the innocent people because its against policy, or is there a genuine reason behind that non-interferance rule?
    Is the Galactic Federation just a government psy-op? Feels like it to me.

    And what are you even interested in us for? Obviously you stand to benifit from a harmonious relationship but who do you want that relationship with, the ones murdering children or the slaves you helped to free from the reality of military dominance on this 3d planet.

    Manyanna Manyanna (Tomorrow, Tomorrow) promises have worn thin with me. I liked your now education. What are you doing now to help us? Not tomorrow but in this day, i live for this day, i’ll deal with tomorrow when i arrive in it.

    I’m not attacking the messenger, Thank you for the post Anica.

    Its not even chaos we live in, we could understand that and find solutions. Circumstances are engineered to transpire as they do on purpose, that is the real mountain we climb.

    Chemtrails daily globally. Do I need to say any more, there?

    What is this power of love, of the heart, where does it manifest in our existance where it is not immeadiately jackbooted in the face?
    Gandi – murdered.
    John Lenon – Murdered
    Rick Clay – murdered
    Ian Lungold – Murdered?
    John Kennedy – murdered.

    What solutions does love have to transcend murder by the envious greed of the Royal’s in their madness?

    Re the perpetraitors of diliberate acts of war or terrorism – BP, we would be as mad as them if we allowed them to walk free whilst focusing on heart dna activation. Is it not fitting they should be tried under the rules they created for everyone else?

    Besides, ever since i can remember or comprehend the adult world has been hypocritical monstrous and unsane.
    I remember comming here (to this planet) I remember rushing in. Next time i’ll study the brochure before rushing anywhere.

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      Yes, vibe, there are many things going on in this world that source from the shadows, and there’s more than enough reason to get justifiably angry, and frustrated with a lack of apparent solution. People are trying to come together to make things change, yet there is no unified core to anything that’s really affecting the situation. The oil still gushes, the “Illusionati” still weave their diabolical plans, people still live at risk of losing every freedom and most don’t even know it. As above, so below. As within, so without. It is only when the individual is in his or her power that people can join together and make things change. The only way to be authentic about one’s own power is to reclaim the pieces of the psyche that have been splintered off by suffering the abuse of power or the bewilderment of what it is to find yourself on a planet gone crazy. There is great power in coming face to face, as an adult, with the part of you that has gotten stuck in “WTF”, and even greater power in saying “please forgive me for taking so long to understand”. Unless something like that happens, we as individuals remain fractured and manipulable by whatever forces we perceive are engineering the drama.

      Believe me, my friend, we will be partying on the dance floor, once everyone’s in the groove. No one can sit this one out.

      About the Galactic Federation, I don’t feel a resonance to anything that’s been presented by them, personally.

      There can be no freedom unless all are free. What is freedom? Escape from the illusion of limitation? Realization of the infinitude of human experience? Whatever, yes the slaves must claim their freedom and the dominators must recognize that. And vice versa. Each must see the divinity in the other, or they cannot see the divinity in themselves. I’m not talking in platitudes, you know. I mean really see the soul of the human in bondage. None are truly free on this planet now, not even those who hold the reins of power. They too are slaves. They too are bent and twisted by forces they cannot escape from using the means they have used for eons. Neither can we. The radical shift Anica calls for, to step back from fear and hatred and re-integrate, is worth a try. Nothing else seems to work. Otherwise we’re just banging our heads against the wall, and the wall loves that game.

      You speak from your heart, vibe and you give voice to what is in the hearts of the awakening ones. Thank you for taking the time to comment. We’ll make it, all of us. I have to believe that the trip was worth it, in the end, and I’m starting to see that maybe it is.
      Wishing you peace,


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