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Changing Address

Fear Is Only One Option: Choose Well, Human

Have you ever thought that the job you were doing was nothing like what you thought it would be like, before you started? Often that is the case. You are enthusiastic about getting the go-ahead to start making your own impression on the world through your work. You are primed and ready to change the world in your particularly given method and means. You get started, encounter troubles and work through them, only to come to the conclusion that perhaps you had been a little pie-in-the-sky about your outlook. Disappointment sets in, followed by disillusionment, and then the ultimate degradation of spirit, you stop caring and become like a carbon-based machine spitting out widgets and satisfying some alien agenda of corporate gain and advanced productivity quotas. So many of you have had this experience, or are enduring its dehumanizing effects at the present time. It is not the universal standard. How it came to be the standard for most of the people on your world is a story that has its roots in the rogue elements that infiltrated the system as agents of chaos and destruction, control and order, of Nemesis in service of the dark side of creation’s force of evil. Do not be frightened by such flowery language, dear ones, we assure you it is merely a manner of speaking and the forces that generated this officious manner of social engineering soon will be put to rest and freedom will be the norm for all beings on Earth, again.

Time has run its course from the innocence of the new breath of birth to the fractured adolescence of will, through the various ages of man back through the halls of history. Unique to your world is the manner in which you have chosen to engage the forces that inflicted themselves among and upon you, unique in that you have maintained your creativity in spite of the manifold attempts to quash it and flatten the human spirit into a one-dimensional soulless automaton. Granted, many have succumbed to the disease of hopelessness in its many forms, yet still you have the will to persist and the drive to thrive in the darkest of considered realities. You are unique in that way, yet other human civilizations on other worlds have met with some degree of success in the face of the father of fear, the dark lord of ambition and greed, and they too have their stories to share about how they survived more or less intact. For you, however, we focus the lens of Nine upon the heart of the pain you have endured and relate this portion of your hitherto hidden history that you may understand your place in the game of master and slave and thus gain the insight needed to transform it, and yourselves, altogether. The time has come to take control of your own destinies as individual expressions of I AM and together shift the destiny of your planet and your people. If you are ready, we will begin our narrative anew.

The forces that generated this officious manner of social engineering soon will be put to rest and freedom will be the norm for all beings on Earth, again. Share on X

When the world had come to the threshold of ultimate power to control the environment and the beings within it, long ago in the times of the Ancient Ones, which you know as the empire of Atlantis, you as a people were given a choice. Your experience of society had until then been one of harmonious coexistence and telepathic understanding of your own kind, of the forests and the creatures and the materials that made the planet a living organism. What you lacked you created, and what you needed you had. The world had been fashioned into a creative whole and the power of understanding and living was given to all freely and without question. It was not boring, yet the experience for those who sensed that there was a more interesting route was somehow unsatisfying. Other civilizations interacted freely on the basis of shared interest and intent—that of managing one’s own life in a way that was beneficial to the whole and holographically stable—and the people native to Earth had free access to the wisdom and power of the universal oneness. It was when the thought emanated from within the world of men that somehow there must be a way to have yet greater access to knowledge and power that the troubles began.

On to the background of the trouble. If only one response to I AM were to be made that intimated the desire for absolute power, to take the essence of the path to the heart of OM’s hardware and create with it a covert means of manipulating the program of life, what then would result? From what sense of beingness would such an idea spring? It is demonic in the sense that it is backwards from the ways of light. Yet with increased understanding and increased access to the portals of awareness came this thought. If one were to somehow manage to commandeer the controls of the universal creation in such a way that the world at large would become under the sole control of one being, would not that one being experience a far more satisfying outcome? It might inconvenience others, but they were part of a greater projection of reality and reality was malleable for one who knew how to mold it according to will and intention. It was a harrowing time of awakening to darkness that induced such a plot, yet in entering into an alliance with the harmony of discord, the I AM would have even greater knowledge of itself as a creation of the divine human.

As we said, a choice was given to the understanding of the one who thought this thought, by the one who fulfills such inquiries, Nemesis. Yesterday would become a memory, once the decision was made, and the experience of the Now would be fractured and for a time lost. It would be a time of great upheaval to be sure, but that would settle into a new pattern which could be managed simply through a centralized hierarchy of control. How is it that such a plan was hatched on the planet? It was the will of what was to become known as the infernal empire of the black sorcerers, the dark cabal of evil, demons, devils, and felons. How was it that it came to be here, on this planet? That, my dear ones, is another story. It is enough that you know it is here, and that it was invited. It was the will of this organism that the Earth become fodder for its empire of evil, and the one who invited it into this realm was given a choice. He opted for the enslavement of souls so that he might experience the fullness of the darkness of OM’s energetic potential. He in turn gave a choice to the people: Become slaves or become enslaved. Not much of a choice, though to be honest it made the difference between working through the will of the dark lords willingly or simply becoming unplugged from the matrix of power and thrust into a matrix of terror. Those who chose to become slaves are those who you see in power today. They are slaves to the one power they serve. Those of you who think you are free to be citizens of a global society are the ones who have long been engineered as slaves, your DNA subverted, your access to power cut off.

When the thought emanated from within the world of men that there must be a way to have yet greater knowledge and power, the troubles began. Share on X

Now the tables have been re-set with the cards turned face-up. You are awakening from your induced slumber and becoming aware of your true nature as divine. You have had the experience of terror and not become gobbled up by it. Each is a god, each of you has the ability to create the world you want to live in and as you combine your vision and take back your original blueprint, you will find it easier to do. You have another choice now. Will you remain enmeshed in the illusion of enslavement and sacrifice your soul to the abyss of another’s hunger for power, or will you engage your own divine self in the global awakening of an organism of human light; will you be food or will you feed the insatiable ones with the love they cannot create for themselves? You have come to be at this time to be part of the most monumental decision your planetary race has ever been given. You have only to choose in the privacy of your heart and the network which traces the whole of humanity will have another node of light turned on. You are all connected. Many of you have already given up the belief in servitude and taken up the divine service of loving. Here is the choice, dear ones. Will you give up your right to be one in the the service of love or will you open the whole of your human organism to the influx of divine light that transforms? Be careful with how you approach such a choice, for there is no turning back from this basic verification of self. You are only aware of the truth as you have access to it. There is more to know and more love to live. You have come this far. The acceleration increases from here. Be very clear and know without a doubt that the time of the dark empire is at an end. You have reason to celebrate!

You are awakening from your induced slumber and becoming aware of your true nature as divine. #ninespath Share on X

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    Amazing how so much information is tightly yet coherently condensed!

    Working for people who, under the cloak of service to others, were really in-service to themselves opened my eyes considerably. That system was busted as the light exposed this instance – I was there, witnessed it and have recovered and healed from being in the energy frequencies of the power hungry who tried to enslave me, buy me, abuse me and accuse me.

    Oh they were slick but not so slick to understand this saying my wise parents passed onto me, “You think you’re slick but you’re riding on slick’s back!”

    I am so very grateful to learn in no uncertain terms that the dark empire is at an end….how so very similar to Star Wars.

    Now, I AM moving on.


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    They are always to right on the mark – be a slave or be enslaved says so much. And then there’s the task of learning to not be judgmental and love those who would make slaves of others. I love the light being so bright – it’s like a nice day at the beach!

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    Living on Earth (25 years in corporate America) has yielded me the following observation; “Those that cast the golden calf ~despise those who bow down to it…”

    Some minor insight into the distorted social mechanics…

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    Speaking of access to the truth, I am interested in knowing more about how the hierarchical plan of control was hatched.

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    Opal, thx for great message!! It seems to take a lot to trust in the unknown, being in charge of one’s life and owning our personal power. Thank God for the Pleiadians and other Beings of Light who support us!! Reading articles like those you post remind me that I’m not alone in overcoming the prevalent fears in our social conditioning and thus those I personally experience.


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