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Sanity is not always part of the experience of living as an embodied human. From time to time, insanity breaks out, and you find your world is in a state of chaos. This, it is understood, is called war. War is nothing new to Earth, nor is it unique to Earth. War has been raging in the stars as long as the stars have shone and that is true not only of your home galaxy but of many. Before the experience of peace can be enjoyed, the experience of war must, in some way, be endured. The place of peace is not truly experienced until not-peace is known. In knowing war, the experience of peace is perfected. The peace that passes beyond the ability of most humans confronted with war to understand can only be gained through the experience of losing everything to mayhem, on some level. Let’s take a look at the phenomenon of war from a slightly elevated perspective, and perhaps we will be able to keep the focus on love.

The wars between the forces in opposition—you may call that evil and virtuous, or dark and light, or more accurately honor and pride—began in the beginning of the thought of I AM in duality. When that was, we cannot accurately say, other than it is a part of creation. The current wars raging on your planet are outgrowths of the original conflicted state of awareness and have evolved through many twists and turns into the struggle between the haves and the have-nots. If this is to change, and it is, people everywhere must recognize in themselves the fundamental reality that having is not the same as taking, and not-having is not the same as being without support. There is nothing that can separate you from the source of all being, not poverty, war, or death of the body. However you may try to prove that wrong, you cannot. Even now, the war machine is losing its balance and faltering. Which way will it finally crumble and fall? That is a point of much debate.

For now, war is a reality everyone must deal with in some way or another. We, too, must deal with battles—though not so much in the “Star Wars” kind of way. For us, it is knowing what we must do and staying aware of the unpredictable nature of free will. We have our own history of skirmishes and intrigue, and we have our own lessons to master regarding what might be called the oppression of the human race. So do you. War is one of them, and the final exam fast approaches. Study well now the ways of peace and the ways of war will find their resolution. The only question is this: If the only way to survive means the end of who you know yourselves to be, do you go willingly forward into oblivion? Or do you relinquish the ways of war and go willingly into transformation? For some, these questions are identical. We say they are not. To relinquish the ways of war is to cast aside both the veil of deception and the shackles of victimhood. Will you choose freedom? It is in your power.

There is only one true war. We have to be very careful here, not to mislead you. When there is discord among the separate embodiments of I AM, either as an individual or as a collective, the seeds of war are present. They are nurtured by polarity, and mature into weeds. No other polarization within the realm of duality exists which does not result in war, to some degree. Yet there is no other way, in the world of duality, to achieve a real understanding of peace. Bridging this apparent dichotomy in experience is the path of Nine through chaos. There is a way to perfection within the imperfect. How to access it is to be willing to open your heart to love’s obliteration of duality and hence, of war.

Will you? Much depends on your ability to conquer fear through love and open the dark places of your heart to the light of awareness. It shines in each embodied soul, and fills the field of reality with its essence. To resist its natural inclination to enlighten is to choose death over life, and to reject the innate divinity of the self. It is the choice of life over death that brings one into the fullness of fear, not the other way around. To confront life is to confront fear. To conquer fear is to conquer death, for it is fear that keeps one from fully living. Death is merely a transition of form. You cannot run away from death, but you can—and many do—run away from life into death’s arms. From there, life finds them again. We say, do not be afraid of transformation, for it is ever into life which you evolve.

The wars of Earth will end, as will the wars within the heart of one in conflicted awareness of the reality of the divine. Sanity is beckoning. Peace awaits. So do we.

There is a way to perfection within the imperfect: Be willing to open your heart to love’s obliteration of duality and hence, of war. #ninespath #changingaddress Click To Tweet

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