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Asket of Temmer

Pleiadians Now You Are Called

What does it mean to be Pleiadian? We as a people are in the process of discovering that for ourselves, not by merit of the placement of our sun but by the light that we are recognizing in ourselves and each other as something new, divine, and at our core, remembered. Asket shares deep, loving thoughts on our present transformation from global to galactic humans in this intimate and encouraging talk.

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    Thanx for the splendorous channel,
    Big Hug and a poem
    From my heart to yours

    The Goddess


    I am the Goddess energy

    I come in Gias name,

    I’m here to dance the lovers dance

    the male vibration tame

    The patriarchal energy

    the wounds its time to heal,

    For Gia now is ready

    her secrets to reveal

    The moments now at hand

    for men to feel once more,

    To open up their hearts

    allow their tears to flow

    The child that was abandoned

    and lost along the the way,

    Is seeking to return

    and birth a brand new day

    For mankind has “COMMANDED”

    the answers to be given,

    The Goddess has replied

    and opened up their prison

    A special dispensation

    She’s brought a gift of grace,

    Lavishing Her healing balm

    upon the human race.


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