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Asket of Temmer

The Signal: Original Video edition

The time of transformation is upon us, we are in it, we are the wave of change that is about to see everything transform in an instant of fully-lit awareness. In the midst of a world turbulent with speculation, uncertainty, imbalance, and accelerated evolvement, the challenges to stay focused on the core of everything are abundant. Asket reminds us that the divine resides within, and that is where we will discover everything anew. The human quest for transformation into new beings of light begins there, and from there begins a whole new world.

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    Beautifully put, thank you and thanx for all your previous inspiration.
    event horizon 28th sept, so see you on the flipside.
    Big Hug
    The LionHeart

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    Please delete the last message. I typed to fast and made too many grammatical
    Once again please delete this as you see fit. I am a left handed Virgo Boar number 8 and I must seek out what will be. , please ask Asket if I this is on the right track.
    With affection,

    The wisdom of consciousness. Right now there’s a struggle in this planet between forces. because of the consciousness that we have developed here which indicates that there are rules that we have put in place because of consciousness. There’s an alliance right now of many things on this planet. It isn’t anything that is of course talked about. Which raises rhetorical questions.
    Is there evil on the planet? Yes. Are there entities dedicated to come in and try to hurt us? It would seem so, Yes
    Why would that be? Because the spiritual tests that we have on this planet that were created by our consciousness allow it to be, our rules allow it. But the next step past the wisdom barrier Enhances the very patterns of consciousness that are about to be discovered. Possibly as a part of physics that closes that preverbal door. When the rules of physics apply in certain situations you can control what happens. It’s the same in consciousness. It seems that we have somehow reached a point of understanding the physics of consciousness and how it works in regards to the mechanics of it, The distribution of it. The spiral delivery. We simply need to close that same door. In Doing so, the evil that has been visiting this planet cant come in anymore. In those places of darkness that have and would still want to come in and play with our consciousness because it is at the teenage level of physics which would also state that the same evil can no longer get in. Is that the right explanation for what is going to happen in the future?
    It is almost an exponential evolution if we want it to be. One thing leads to another because it builds on itself and so we don’t need to start all over every time we are born. We will be born wise. The physics of everything is VERY SOON going to change. ( It seems)
    The time cycle is what it is. It is the wisdom barrier. Is this where we are going to move forward? Did we flick the switch somehow? Does this stop the dark energy from coming in now?
    Because of this we are going to have control over this we will be able to create things out of nothing. Consciousness of physics will control the 3-D of physics and is moving us into the 4TH dimension.
    What would happen to a civilization that could create anything that it wants.? It Could live as long as they wanted to put themselves into a quantum state if they wanted to. Thus remembering every past souls experience Who had no central control whatsoever? It would be a corporation without a manager. I believe that that is where we are going. That is what we are headed for. A future
    World consciousness agreement. A world with no government. This is what is seen in the future if this theory has birthed.


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