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Sol Acts Up

As with most of the drawings that come through as transmissions, this one took form a section at a time, rather randomly but, I am sure, with a method to its appearance.

While the pieces do come together in the way I outline below, you can certainly “read” this picture in whatever way feels natural to you. I offer this as a look into the pictures development, for those who feel drawn to study this in greater detail.


The large curved line at the top of this drawing was first to appear on the page. It seemed, as I was tracing the line, to be signaling an unlatching… of what? Do you see the idea of a latch becoming undone, as if a key was moved down in a semicircle to the bottom hook. Just below the hook is a small thing that looks like a tiny knob.

Sol acts up solar Pleiadian automatic writing drawing Nine's Path original transmission diagram
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After that, in one continuous line, came the figure in the center: a woman in a long dress, looking toward the left, her hair streaming out behind her. Then the two shapes above, top center. I can’t tell what exactly they represent, though the lower one seems energetic, like a flame.

Following that, the first letters formed, the large words just left of the hook. The first few characters are difficult to discern… “This”? and the word “world”, then “ends soon”.

Next, the words “Know we arrive soon” and “Pieces come together now”. The few small characters on the right edge of the picture were next, drawn from top to bottom. These seem like a countdown of some kind. Then the words “No more lies”.

The next figure to come through was the orb on the left edge and the words “Sol acts up”. Is this a drawing of the sun with active sunspots and flares? It appears to be… what do you see?

An automatic drawing channeled from Nine: 'Sol acts up'. Is this a drawing of the sun with active sunspots and flares? It appears to be... what do you see? Share on X

The set of vertical lines on the left side of the picture came through as if measuring a wave, though they look like dominoes viewed edge-on. There are seven vertical lines, with an eighth one horizontal. It felt to me as I was drawing this as if there was a small buildup of energy, then starting again to a grand buildup followed by a falling flat.

Finally, in the space above the woman’s head came the winged shape, with the number 5 above. Often, the pictures will be signed with the number 5; see the description of Five in the book Opalescence to understand its deeper meaning, but in a nutshell, Five has to do with how we create our physical reality in its appearance.


“????world ends soon”

“Sol acts up”

“No more lies”

“Know we arrive soon”

“Pieces come together now”

What else do you see here? What comes to mind as you study the lines? Leave your comments below!

UPDATE: A reader wrote to say she thought the ???? word above was “Thy”… “Thy world ends soon”. Reality is shifting all the time and can most certainly change for the better for many, so this need not be read as an ominous message, rather that the world we have known with all its problems will change.


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    It does look like the sun with one major hole. The sun is controlling the cosmic energy being sent to us. The circle with wings looks like a starship which would jive with the message of their arrival. The number 5 might be representative of the numerology number meaning change. Not sure about the rest although the two figures at the top right hand look like animals. This is a synchronistic message with others from different websites. The star beings are ramping things up because our ascension is not gaining ground with enough of us. It seems they are going to take action.

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      There is one big hole, some smaller spots, and many flares, if this is indeed a representation of the sun, which I think it is. The light of the sun is far, far different than I remember it being when I was young. The number 5, in the Science of Nine, is described thus: “Of Five, I AM engaged with reality in a particular form.” There is far, far more on Five and the other numbers of creation in the book OpalescenceOpalescence, and some more insight at this link. Regarding the two figures at the top, I thought immediately “animals” though honestly I can’t say what they would be… though the bottom one does bear some vague resemblance to a squirrel 🙂

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    This is my personal thought on the drawing… First, the circle with things around it is our planet and the spikes out from it represent massive energy changes coming out of Gaia… Some areas will not be affected while others areas have extensive energy releases…ie: earthquakes. The lines above the circle represent the energy shifting first .. With the words Sol acting up…Sol means Gaia acting up.. with the waves of energy increasing, Sol acts up. The words above the planet say Thy world ends soon… That does not mean our planet will end but that our current reality will change. The symbols down the right side are pleadian symbols of protection. The craft represents our movement towards 1st contact… More so our interactions with them.

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      Interesting that you see the orb as Earth… some others have said similar. The multidimensional perspective yields much to ponder.

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    I like what you saying David I was also thinking about the sun being kind of portal where energy flows from the centre of the galaxy the black hole through the sun no.5 mite simply represent 5th density?and ufo craft, it’s so simple proper pleiadian way of explaining the energy is beamed to Earth from the 5th Dimension through the portal to the Sun and than to Earth 💜

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    I see the orb as Sol. The reason I say this is because of the image of the woman having her hair blown back behind her. What appears to be flares is the event that is to take place some 26 years from now know as the Micro Nova. A good deal of the inhabitants of Earth will be evacuated via starship. Those who have ascended will remain on the surface going underground to escape the blast that will soon follow the flash. Those who have been taken off world will be relocated on a life sustaining planet in the Pleiades to restart humanity elsewhere.

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    But humanity is seeded on many other galactic worlds already 👽

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    That’s true and humanity will have it’s moment in the spotlight. By 2050, those who remain on Sol Terra 3 will be invited to become a new star nation and will be asked to participate in mapping, exploring, liberating and colonizing other worlds out in the cosmos. But before that can happen there has to be liberation of this planet. This is the last one in sector 3 to be liberated and the hardest one the Pleiadians have had to deal with.

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    Would they ask senior citizens as well as I’ll be nearly 70 by than haha 💚💚💚


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