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Timeline: A History of Nine’s Path and My Work with the League of Light

From the moment I first encountered the Pleiadian mind, many years ago and far away, I have gone through countless metamorphoses. Both in my personal, interior life and my exterior, public life, the changes have been immense, though stepwise, and guided by something I have long since learned to trust. A slapdash collection of notebooks is testament to the many conversations documenting internal conversions, and in a sense whimsically reflect the changing nature of the communications as I have grown into them.

The same is true of the electronic versions of those communications; over the years, my presence on the web as a representative point of transfer and dimensional modulation has grown, evolved, and expanded. From the first moment I decided to move from paper to computer screen, I have never had a doubt as to what the next form was to be. The information dropped into my awareness with crystal clarity, and with a lot of encouragement and self-learning, became what you see here today, as Nine’s Path website. All along the way, I’ve gotten feedback and learned on the fly. From learning how to develop a website to publishing my own books, it’s been a solo operation, as far as my two hands being the only ones doing the work. I depend on the Pleiadians to put the stuff in front of the people who need it, and for you, my readers, to share and spread the word.

At this stage of the project, ten years out, I thought it might be helpful to develop a timeline of the evolution of this path, as the moment seems to have arrived for more people to find it.

2008: On the first day of the year, I set up my first blog, Opalescent Words. The name was chosen by the Pleiadians (and took a lot of checking on my part to make sure I had it right). The idea for the site was planted in my head from a visiting friend, staying for the holidays, who said, “Why don’t you start a blog?” It was as if the words echoed from interstellar distances, transfixing me for a moment to see through time that this indeed was the plan all along. That blog was wildly popular and overwhelmingly well received. In the span of a year, it had more than 70,000 views, and I had a LOT of new friends. Opportunities, too. Little did I know what it would spawn. I also started the blogs Garden of Unknowable Things (a lexicon) and Bends of Light (my personal reflections). All of these blogs and websites are named directly by the Pleiadians. I received a gift from a benefactor to get a “real” website going. I was already busy writing the first chapters of the book Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity, and fulfilling many, many requests for personal messages from the Pleiadians to people all over the world. I was also learning the finer points of forum moderation on a friend’s site, Book of Light, and started my long path into website development as a site administrator. Ever grateful for all the people along the way who helped me gain the skills and confidence in all these spheres. Toward the end of the year, the intense activity gained a meaningful focus, as the world watched for the appearance of ET ships predicted by a well-known channel. When the ships didn’t show up, the Pleiadians explained the deeper lessons in the collective experience, and I witnessed, with a thrill, a wave of awakening. It is well worth revisiting these messages, later collected in the book Remembrance, when such promises show themselves, as they do from time to time. One day, we will be ready, and so the moment will arrive.

league of light nine's path pleiadian notebooks pleiadians writing light language Click here to see pages from the Pleiadian notebooks, filled with conversations, Pleiadian-language writing, drawings, and more from over the years.

So much more to explore at Opalescent Nine

2009: Opalescent Words having run its course as the first series of communications from the Pleiadian Renegades, a new chapter opened with the blog Renegade Thoughts. This formed a natural continuation of the Renegades’ conversation with us all. Anica’s Notebook also made an appearance this year, collecting observations and messages from my Pleiadian future self, Anica. By mid-year, I had also added the blog Changing Address to the collection. Each of these blogs had a different voice, a different trajectory of communication. It became apparent that a central hub was needed, where all these collections could be easily accessed. Thus was born the first website, Speaking of Nine, along with a ning community, the Opalescent Collective. The community went through various iterations over the years, from the free online community at ning, to a forum on the website, to a community based at the website itself, back to a forum, and now… well, we will see what happens with the social media migrations that are settling into sites like Minds and MeWe from the origin point of Facebook. That started in 2009, too. So did gathering the messages from the Opalescent Words blog into a coherent order, adding some material, and creating the first League of Light book, Remembrance: Pleadian Messages in Preparation for Contact.

At this stage of the project, ten years out, I thought it might be helpful to develop a timeline of the evolution of this path, as the moment seems to have arrived for more people to find it. Share on X

2010: A difficult year, beginning with death and ending with a new life. Through this time, Speaking of Nine had morphed into Opalescent Nine, expanded, and anchored me on a path. Lots of growth going on behind the scenes, lots of transformation, and letting go. Opalescent Nine did more than gather the blogs: it incorporated the beginnings of the Science of Nine writings and an extensive peek into the lives and mission of the Pleiadians of the League of Light in the FAQ, or Frequency Adjustment Questions. During a time when a lot of people were joining the collective look into the sky to get an understanding of the idea of “galactic family”, these served to answer some of the more intimate questions about the presence of ETs in our world, now.

2011: More writing on the book, Opalescence, and a lot of video production continuing… and at the end of the year, the book form of The Garden of Unknowable Things: A Renegade Pleiadian Lexicon. I spent a good part of the year putting this together, splendid in antique illustrations.

2012: Publication of Opalescence and the further expansion of the website, and basically just further expansion. The League of Light began tapping into the artistic talents of my sister-in-law, Marie-Chantal Kindou, and some of her paintings took on an added dimension of communication with the Pleiadians. I will be adding her work to the site soon, so keep an eye out for that.

2013: Here began my communication with Asket and Semjase, who are familiar as contacts of Billy Meier. I was never, ever a fan of Meier’s, actually avoided his work after taking a cursory glance at it. So to be contacted by these two was a surprise I met with disbelief and resistance. Honestly, I wanted no part of it. However, their perplexing familiarity and their loving friendliness (and insistent presence) won me over and thus began a new series of communications, and a new blog, Time Transformers: Temmerian Transmissions. A short blog, Nine’s Pense, collected some messages sourcing from Nine but not from a particular voice. Late in the year, messages started coming through from a group called Theo, then the Isis Soul Group, which are collected at the blog Know More Earth. The Pleiadian conversation continued all this while on the other blogs, as well. The book Remembrance was finally brought to publication, collecting the first series of communications from the Pleiadian Renegades.

2014: Interviews, videos, and lots of blog posts and personal messages were bringing the mission of the League of Light to a wider audience. Behind the scenes, more work on the Opalescent Nine website continued. The Pleiadian Renegades Facebook group began, and old friends from the early days of the forum and community found a new meeting-place there.

2015: Rachelle’s voice joined Theo and the Isis Soul Collective at Know More Earth. The Renegades’ narrative on Renegade Thoughts came to a close and picked up again at the new blog, Luminous Dimensions. I started work on a new book, Core Matrix Change, while periodic transmissions found their way to Anica’s Notebook, Changing Address, and Time Transformers. Writing, writing, writing, and videos.

2016: Publication of Core Matrix Change: Insight for a New Conscious Unified Visioning, while the machine of writing kept plugging along… I completely redesigned the Opalescent Nine website, moving it from its Joomla! platform to the more versatile WordPress structure. Big behind-the-scened moves.

2017: The gathered, re-organized, and expanded transmissions of the Renegade Thoughts blog became the book Pleiadian Renegade: Thoughts of Higher Magnitude, the second volume in the series Logbooks of the League of Light. I gave a new look and updated the contents of Remembrance (volume one in the series). Dissatisfied with the functionality of the WordPress theme I had chosen, and emboldened by work I had done as a web designer for another site (work for hire), I completely reconfigured the concept of the Opalescent Nine website altogether. The Pleiadians announced to me early in the year that our work together was going to change from the message transmission format we had followed for nearly 10 years, and something new and fun was going to come into play instead. So it was a year for reconfiguring! The mysterious bits and pieces of a space saga came through, in the form of Core Access: Galactic History, an adjunct to the main website. Doing some tarot readings for a family member, it became quite clear that this was the direction they were referring to. I pulled out my old notebooks and looked at the spreads and interpretations they had been teaching me over the years. Thus began Nine’s Path Pleiadian Tarot, and the seed was planted for the next (and final) iteration of the web presence for the League of Light. At least for now.

2018: By April, the work was done that brought together a decade of transmissions and transformations, and the Nine’s Path website came online. Nine’s Path is itself the hub for several sites: Opalescent Nine is back online with close to its original content, plus some. Pleiadian Tarot features a new global tarot message every mid-week and occasional other writings reflecting on them. I hope to do more videos for this site in the near future, as technology permits. Finally, Core Access has taken its final form as an enigmatic collection taking shape. New pieces of the puzzle of our story as galactic humans are coming together, and the saga of our ancient history unfolds with drama and intrigue. Bit by bit, this collection is growing, and will be filling out into examinations of the history of space, wars, and Earth.

So at this point, writing on the blogs has pretty much fulfilled itself, at least in the form they’ve been in. Now that the sites are online and the galactic history, tarot, and personal messages are humming along, I can again take a breath and look at expansion into the next stage of service through my work with the League of Light. Most recently, that’s been in launching new groups in social media, here (at and here (at If you’re looking for alternatives to Facebook and explore these sites, please join the groups there! I’ve got a new-to-me computer with lots of bells and whistles (i.e., production software), so I’ll be seeing how the video production side of things develops. All this time, there has been an integration of three aspects of my soul going on: me as me here now, a far-past Pleiadian soul aspect called Joegil (the most recognizable to the Pleiadians of my early years of communication, and the source of the material you’ll find on Core Access), and my “chosen future perfected self” as Anica Colinion. I really don’t understand the process but the energies and intellects of these other two soul aspects seem to be merging with this timeline in auspicious and fascinating ways. Transformation being what it is, there’s no telling what’s next!

One thing is for sure: The transmissions that have come from the League of Light in these many forms over the years were meant for us today, now. This is the time of transformation. The moment you find the message, that’s the moment you were meant to read it. By reading, listening, understanding these transmissions, you participate in a very important way to the great awakening of the global consciousness, and that’s vital right now. This is why the Pleiadians, the Temmerians, of the League of Light have come to speak so eloquently and directly to us. This is why I left my career and comfort of family and taken on the work of making these transmissions as widely available as I can. From here, I rely on you to share. Talk, retweet, start conversations on forums, social media, and subways. Share links and paragraphs and videos. This way, you are working with the League of Light, too, and they rely on us to carry the message far and wide. Use your favorite passages if you find yourself redpilling someone, because that’s why the transmissions are here.

Now, looking forward… what would you like to see from the League of Light, the Pleiadian Renegades, or me? Please leave your comments!


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    Wow Maryann…. that was a whirlwind journey through the last ten years from you began in 2008. I would like to applaud your tireless efforts but also your courage in bringing forward the messages that are so urgently required for these tumultuous times.

    I feel embolden to share the material now though I’m conscious that I need to be discernable in my approach to others to help awaken souls from their slumpers.

    I suppose personally I enjoy the videos with harmonious music accompanying the messages .. so I’m interested to hear there’ll be more on the way of them!!

    Is there transforming guidance you can point to about healing our selves and moving into more spiritual centred work in our earthly roles? I was intrigued to read about your calling to leave behind the comforts of a if you like, 9-5 lifestyle… it’s my belief more of us need guidance to take this leap also and come into the light of a soul centred life path on a more permanent basis. The problem I have is conforming to this mad house society in my work life while spending personal time engrossed in helping reform and renew this sick society.

    Namaste and continued blessings with all you do!


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