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Higher Orders

“So we have always been and so we shall remain, as dutiful servants of OM.” Thus a new message collection, Higher Orders, inaugurates a conversation celestial in nature, bridging the realms from Earth to heaven as the League of Light introduces their angelic and celestial counterparts.

Explore more about divinity through the Science of Nine, and the Divine Being concept node focus point.

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Higher Orders: Codes Angelic and Divine

Watch the Videos

Be sure to visit the Nine’s Path YouTube channel for the video library of Higher Orders transmissions from Archangel Michael and others of celestial and angelic nature. This includes some that only appear there, in spoken-word format. Some of them are also on Bitchute and Brighteon, for those who don’t use YT. Explore all there is on the channel; there’s so much to discover, from twice-weekly guidance updates to FAQs, direct voice transmissions, and more.


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Discover the wisdom of the angelic and celestial friends of the Pleiadians in service to the League of Light. Higher Orders on Nine's Path: #pleiadian #temmer #cosmicguidance #etwisdom… Click To Tweet
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